Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate (Polygonum orientale) organically grown flower seeds. Floral Encounters.
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Many consider this easy to grow stunning annual as 'old fashioned'. Perhaps its because its such a fast grower that its rarely if ever seen in garden centers because it outgrows pots faster than then can sell them. Its a very easy plant to grow from seed although it does need a period of cold before it will germinate just holding it in the refridgerator is enough so there is no fussy germination needed. This plant gets big and it has style. Rising to as much as 7 feet (2.1cm) in one year it produces masses of shocking pink hanging pendulous flowers than can accent any garden. Want some drama this plant will bring it on and with very little help from you. It actually likes poor soils and does better than on rich ones, it does not need a lot of water, although no watering will reduce its size dramatically. Very fast grower starts flower at about 3 feet (91cm) and keeps going almost until frost. Easy grow, lots of color, little water but lots of pizzazz what more could you ask from a plant. Oh makes a great cut flower.

Description of Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate (Persicaria orientalis).
Tall easy to grow annual. grows rapidly from seed starting with a large pair of spear shaped leaves that rapidly grow to create taller stems of large spear shaped leaves. The second transformation occurs as the stems grow larger and elongate. Central base stems can reach an inch (2.5cm) or more in diameter and resemble bamboo. Stems become thinner and continue to branch as they grow taller often reaching 7-8 feet (2.1-2.4m) in height. The tops of the stems turn purple or dark green and branch into flower heads. These can be over 2 inches (5cm) long and are composed of multitudes of small five petalled pink flowers. The petals are often darker, but very bright pink on the outside and lighter on the inside. Flowers in each panicle open at different times and blooms can last several weeks. The whole plant produces multitudes of these flower panicles that droop from the thin stems hanging over the shorter plants below. Blooming can last from early summer until frost kills the plant. Flowers are followed by smaller brown seeds. A member of the Knotweed family it is often considered that it could become invasive but seems to be a much milder plant and not prone to rapid expansion in most cases.

Growing Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate (Persicaria orientalis) from Seed.
Needs a period of cold before it will germinate. Does not have to be moist. All our seeds are cold stratified but keeping them in the refridgerator until ready to sow is recommended to ensure best germination. Seeds can take up to 60 days to germinate so starting inside in late winter/early spring allows for larger plants and earlier flowers.
Direct sowing. Seeds can be direct sown in early spring, when its warm enough for you to be outside working but does not have to be after frost date. Ensure the chosen area is well cleaned up and free of weed seeds as much as possible. cover seeds very lightly no more than 1/16 inch (2.5mm) and keep moist and tend well until plants begin to take off.

Starting Inside. Use good seed starting mix and keep moist. For more information see our General Growing Instructions.

Once germinated seeds grow very rapidly so be prepared with larger transplant pots and pick you garden location early. These plants can only be obtained by growing yourself from seed as they grow far too quickly for a garden center to deal with.

Location and Care of Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate (Persicaria orientalis).
Very easy care plant, one of the easiest there is with lovely flowers. Give it enough room to grow and flourish so it wont overshadow other plants. Its great for a back border or area on its own since it can reach 7 feet (2.1m) don't place at front of flower bed. The panicles can be very open but can still take over from smaller less aggressive plants.
Basically will thrive on neglect, as long as it gets some water, not too drought tolerant.
Light will depend on your zone. Full sun in cooler zones down to 7a then can take part shade to warmer zones. In 8b and warmer more shade or can become very aggressive and maybe invasive.
Soil type. While many say is not fussy it sort of is, but in reverse. Does much better on poor soils than rich ones, so don't fertilize unless really really poor and don't use organic material or compost. Rich soils can stunt the growth but may make is spread more. flowers tend to be smaller and less vibrant.
Soil type still needs to be well drained, does not like wet soils or ones that hold water for too long, does best with some sandy like soils.
water. It does not need a lot but it does need some. Weekly watering is ideal using a soaker hose to reduce the amount of water used it best.
Spacing. while some sources state 12 inches (31cm) we think that is way too close. These plants get BIG recommend at last 24 inches (61cm) for best results.
If planted closer together in a mass planting individual plants tend to be smaller and more intertwined with each other. This can look good in a group but for the most part this plant shines when individual plants are spaced behind shorter ones and their vibrate shocking pink flowers allowed to droop over enhancing other species.

Wind resistance.
while the thick stems of these plants are pretty tough they are not really heavy wind resistant. If you are located in an area prone to intermittent strong winds, usually from thunderstorms, some protection against the wind may be needed. Plants can be staked or just surrounded with other tall plants that it is accenting. Areas that have continual winds stems usually grow strong enough to compensate.

Pollinator and Wildlife with Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate (Persicaria orientalis).
Flowers attract pollinators especially butterflies which look particularly lovely perched on these shocking pink flowers.

Pests and Diseases of Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate (Persicaria orientalis).
For the most part this plant is disease free, the only issues seems to be in years when Japanese beetles are plentiful they will spill over onto this plant for lack of other food. Treating any turf near the plants with milky spore will help reduce the number of Japanese beetles the following year. (grub burrow into the ground, milky spore kills them).

Harvesting Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate (Persicaria orientalis).
Flowers should be harvested when about 50% of the blooms are open. Harvest in early morning when its cool as plant is prone to wilt. If placed in water rapidly blooms can be expected to last 5-7 days.
If harvesting for dried flowers wait until about 75% of the blooms are open.

Culinary Uses of Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate (Persicaria orientalis).
The young shoots in spring are eaten as a standard vegetable in Indo China. Seeds can also be gathered, roasted and eaten but its time consuming.

Medical uses of Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate (Persicaria orientalis).
Used more in Asian countries it has fallen out of favor with western herbalist. Once much used it is now often forgotten or considered 'old fashioned'. No herb is old fashioned if it works.

Most reports state that the flowers have ability to thin the blood making is useful in blood disorders and clots however there is not much research yet available.
The stems and leaves are used to treat hernias as well as liver and spleen disorders. The seeds are used more for digestive issues such ax flatulence, ulcerative colitis and as remedy of fever. More recently research is suggesting there may be possibilities to treat cancers of the stomach, intestines and liver.

Other uses of Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate (Persicaria orientalis).
Excellent cut flower both fresh and dried.
Some eastern research is using this plant to help remove phenol from wastewater. this is in the early stages but could prove very useful in helping to clean up toxic water supplies.

Other facts.
Another plant botanists have been regrouping. This plant was formally known as Polygonum orientale but has been changed to Persicaria orientalis due to more 'modern' classification systems which many botanists do not agree with.

Other names.
Hung Ts'Ao, Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate, lady's fingers, Oke-Tade, oriental persicary, Persicaria orientalis, Polygonum orientalis, Prince's feather, Prince's Plume, Princess Feather, Ragged Sailor, Shui Hung Hua Zi

Item # Packet size Nett Weight Number Seeds(approx) Price Qty
Small 0.27 g 30 Seeds. $3.00
Medium 0.54 g 60 Seeds. $5.30

Please note: all seeds are sold by weight and seed count is approximate.

To keep seed prices low much of our seed is semi cleaned. More Info