Farm Photos. Floral Encounters


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Main field with plastic mulch
Plastic mulch and plastic ground cover are used to keep down weeds, keep the soil warm and prevent soil erosion. This also allows us to use drip irrigation to plants reducing water use. Portion of our main field after spring planting.

Laying mulch in side field with flowering thrift
Laying plastic mulch in second field. Thrift [Armeria] plants already in bloom.
Main field first year crop
Portion of our main field during first year of operation. Flowering chocolate plants [Berlandiera lyrata}, blue Cupids Dart [Catanche], Yarrow [Achillea] with experimental Berkheya thistles on right - these died during the winter.
Yarrow and cupids dart crops
Portion of our Yarrow and Cupids Dart rows in second year of planting.
Cockscomb Kurume ready to harvest
Part of our Cockscomb Kurume flower rows almost ready to harvest. Cockscomb Flamingo in background on right.
chocolate flowers and Yarrow
Wonderful chocolate flowers with yarrow and blue catanche in background.
Row of lavender
Row of lavender blooming in its second year from seed.
Cockscomb Flamingo and sunflowers
Cockscomb Flamingo spikes with giant sunflowers in the background.
Thrift plants
Beautiful thrift plants in many colors blooming in their third year from seed.
Sweet Annie plants before harvest
Checking the Sweet Annie [Artemisia annua] before harvesting.
Yarrow plants before harvest
Yarrow crop before harvesting.