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Fresh season is over. We now have only frozen gooseberries available.
They come in 1lb or 5 lb vacuum sealed bags.

If you are interested in purchasing gooseberries please complete the Gooseberry Interest form. We will respond promptly. If you are only interested in fresh gooseberries state that on the interest form and we will add you to our mailing list for next years harvest. Harvest is usually early July.

Presently we offer gooseberries locally from our New Jersey farm only with orders picked up direct from our farm by appointment only. We do not accept walk ins.

Shipping gooseberries.
We do not do this on a regular basis because its very expensive. We can ship 5lb bags of frozen gooseberries overnight if you really want them. Estimated shipping about $160.00. Please fill in the Gooseberry Interest Form and let us know what you need in the requirements section. We respond promptly, usually the same day but not immediately, we don't have the person-power.

We are looking into ways to ship less expensively but have not found anything yet. If you think you might be interested if we do again fill in the form and let us know. We will alert you if we find a way. If you could state a maximum you would pay for shipping 5 lbs of well packed gooseberries that would help us determine if its possible or not. We cannot ship outside the United States.

Gooseberry Color.
Frozen gooseberries range from mostly green to mostly pink-red. If you have a preference for color please state in your request so we can accommodate you.

How do Gooseberries fair when frozen?
Gooseberries are unusual in that they don't suffer much from being frozen. They have a tougher skin (but not inedible) than most soft fruits which keeps the berry together so when they defrost they are pretty much the same as a fresh one. The taste and texture are the same and most people cant tell the difference.
The most popular way to use gooseberries is pureed, added to smoothies and desserts so having frozen ones makes no difference. However we would recommend that unless you have a industrial blender you allow the berries to defrost just slightly before putting them in to blend or its like trying to blend ball steel ball bearings and the blender suffers.

Below are links to information and questions we have received about gooseberries. If you are unfamiliar with this fruit you may want to read them before you order.


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