Gooseberries are a lesser known fruit in the USA. In Europe and especially in England they have been grown since Roman times and are embraced and eaten in may different forms from desserts to salads and as sauces and relishes for main course dishes.

Gooseberries are translucent gems of berries usually from 3/8" (0.95 cm) - 1" (2.54 cm) in diameter although some can be larger. They are mostly round but some varieties can be oval or pear shaped. They can also vary in color from green to pink, red, yellow or even a whitish color. For the most part European gooseberries tend to be green or lightly pink. American varieties can be all different colors.

For the most part gooseberries are tart in flavor This is what makes them so desirable. These are not fruits that are eaten out of the hand but will need some sweetening before being consumed. While many American varieties do become slightly sweeter on ripening to red or dark pink the flavor is not as great as when they are green.

Gooseberries are used in all kinds of desserts and for making preserves, great sauces to accompany meat as well as chutney relishes and our personal favorite smoothies. Adding gooseberries to your berry smoothie gives it a moreish tart flavor that is hard to put down. Take care once you try this you can get addicted!

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