Organic Seeds from Floral Encounters
Not sure what seeds you want or need. We do have a large number to choose from and it can be overwhelming. So to help you begin, increase or just change up your garden we have put together collections of seeds in different categories so you can just click and go.

Tall Perennials Seed Collection

Want plants that just keep on giving? Perennials are what you need. This collection is for taller plants for the back of a border or a meadow area that you can see from your home. The collection has been chosen to have flowers blooming for as much of the year as possible. More Information
12 Packets

Short Perennials Seed Collection

Plants that keep on giving but are shorter. These forever plants are shorter for front borders or areas where you just want smaller plants instead of tall ones. The collection has been chosen to have flowers blooming for as much of the year as possible. More Information
10 Packets

Mow It Down Garden Seed Collection

Want a flower garden at your home with little effort. This collection is perennial plants that are tough. They come up every year and flower, you don't have to do anything at all once the plants are in and established. Just cut them all down once a year, we suggest early spring rather than fall to provide winter interest in the garden rather than a barren landscape. It also helps beneficial insects overwinter and help your garden next year. So its mow once enjoy all year. More Information
12 Packets

Plants for Sun Seed Collection

Got a sunny garden and want some easy to grow flowers but not sure what? Our full sun collection offers a small selection of plants that are easy to grow. Most are perennials with a few self seeding annuals. Plants have been chosen to provide flower bloom for as much of the season as possible. More Information
12 Packets

Plants for Shade Seed Collection

Got a shady garden and don't know what to grow there? This collection is for you. . Many shade plants need special treatment to germinate. This collection does not contain any of those. It only has those that are easy to grow from spring onwards or that can be direct sown and create beautiful plants from year 2 onwards. Plants have been selected to offer flowers for as much of the year as possible and are suitable for light shade and woodland edges they are not suitable for dense shade. More Information
12 Packets

Deer Resistant Seed Collection

Got deer? If you don't choose the right plants deer or other such animals (moose, elk etc) will eat your garden to the ground. We get a lot of deer so from experience know which plants the don't eat and have created this collection so you can have beautiful flowering plants in your garden that the deer wont eat. They are also chosen to offer flowers for a much of the growing season as possible. You don't have to have a barren garden if there are deer, They may munch a little of the plant but soon desist since they seem to taste nasty More Information
12 Packets

Essential Medical Herbs Seed Collection

Want to grow herbs for use with your family? Not sure what to grow. We have selected what we consider are the most important herbs for as many general issues as possible that are also easy to grow. Most are perennials but a few annuals are so important that we had to include them. Holy basil and Andrographis. Most also have either beautiful flowers or very aromatic foliage so they are a great inclusion in any garden. More Information
12 Packets

Pretty Flowers Seed Collection

Want some pretty flowers for your garden? Not sure what to grow that is easy to raise from seed and easy to maintain. This collection is for you. Each plant has been chosen for its showy flowers, most are perennials so will come back every year. There are a that act as annuals if you are in colder zones but offer such beauty they needed to be included. All are easy to grow and take little care once established. Just enjoy the flowers and cut them down once a year. Many are also strongly medicinal so there are added benefits as well. More Information
14 Packets

Native American Seed Collection

For those that want to grow only native plants we have a lovely collection for you. A mixture of annuals and perennials they have been chosen to offer color for as much of the growing season as possible. All are beloved by our native bees, butterflies and humming birds and are easy to grow from seed and take little maintenance once established. Most are tough plants so all you need to do is plant them out, take a little care until they are happy then sit back and enjoy the beauty not just the flowers but the butterflies and humming birds too. More Information
12 Packets

Seeds Needing Stratification Collection

There are some special plants that need a period of either just cold but more often moist cold before they will germinate. These plants offer those who take the time to grow them special benefits of beauty especially in the shady areas. Several plants here can grow in fairly dense shade and flower there too not just in the springtime. All are perennial so once established they will keep giving their beauty year after year. Take the time to grow these plants you will not regret it. More Information
11 Packets