Holiday Gift Packs: organically grown flower seeds. Floral Encounters.
You don't need a garden to grow plants. Many useful herbs can be grown in pots either outside in window boxes, on patios or as houseplants. This collection has been chosen especially for the apartment owner with little or no experience of growing plants from seeds. They are tough and easy to grow. The pack comes with detailed instructions and includes mostly herbal plants that smell great and can be used in cooking or teas. House plants also increase the amount of oxygen in the air and help to keep air fresher when its not possible to open the windows. All these plants are also useful as medicinal herbs and many also as flavoring in food. Fresh herbs are always the best and these are easy to grow.
Pack contains:
Basil, Holy Ocimum sanctum
Calendula Calendula officinalis:
Chives, Garlic Allium tuberosum :
Good King Henry Chenopodium bonus henrius.
Oregano, Italian or Wild Origanum vulgare :
Parsley, Dk Green Italian Petroselinium neapolitanum
Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis.
Thyme, Common Thumus vulgaris :
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Basil, Holy

Amazing herb that everyone should grow. It's an adaptogen that helps bring the body back into healthy balance and restore health. Makes a great tea or can be eaten or cooked in foods. Many Naturopathic doctors recommend consuming some Holy Basil every day to ensure good health. Specific uses include: reducing inflammation, lowering fevers, relaxing spasms, easing pain, lower blood sugar levels and helps to strengthen the immune and nervous systems. It can also help with feverish illnesses, colds, influenza, headaches, digestive disorders, low libido as well as easing arthritis. Its a general all around herb that no household should be without. Needs full sun so a south facing window is perfect. Stalks can be snipped of as required for herbal use. Not recommended for well used patios or decks as it does attract many pollinators and those who are afraid of bees may find it alarming. Place pots in less populated areas where they can be seen so you can enjoy the regular use by butterflies and humming birds. Mostly grown as an annual but if kept low with pruning and warm will last longer in indoor pots. more

Calendula / Pot Marigold Calendula officinalis
Delightful fresh aromatic plant with bright orange flowers with darker orange centers. Does love sunlight so needs a sunny window to bloom. Very easy to grow from seed and germinates quickly so its a great starter plant for children. Plant leaves are very aromatic and just slightly sticky which children seem to love. Flowers can be eaten or picked and dried for later use. Plant is very well known for treating skin disorders and flowers are often used in healing teas. Grown mostly as an annual if sown at regular intervals can achieve continuous blooming all year. more

Garlic Chives Allium tuberosum
Very easy to grow from seed and work very well in a pot. Strong clumping nature this plant is very versatile. The leaves can be eaten like normal chives but have a slightly stronger taste which many like as normal chives tend to lose flavor very rapidly. Garlic chives flower later in the summer and produce large white blooms that are also edible. Left to seed the seed head still resembles a flower and is often used in dried flower decorations. Outside the plant will die back in winter, but inside it will remain green all year. If the clump becomes too large, or if you want an something like a spring onion but with a little more bite, dig up the blubs and eat those. more

Good King Henry Chenopodium bonus-henrius
An ideal leafy plant for the home as it prefers semi shady areas so it does not have to be right in the window or it can be at a north facing one. This plant produces rosettes of arrow shaped leaves that can be eaten like spinach, so your plant never needs to get too big for its pot, you just eat it! Likes good watering and feeding to produce the best leaves but otherwise not much care is needed. Flowers are not very showy and can be pinched off to encourage more leaf production. more

Oregano, Italian Origanum vulgare
Oregano can also be grown indoors but it will need a sunny south facing window to thrive. It makes a good house plant for those who often neglect their plants as long as it has good light. Use a plastic pot to stop the plant drying out too fast are reduce watering. Water well but do not saturate the plant. Oregano is fairly drought tolerant so can withstand a few missed waterings. Fertilize once a month or more. Pinch off some of the new shoots for use in the kitchen and to keep the plant bushy. Leaves are strongly antiseptic and calmative and are used internally to treat colds, influenza, bronchitis, asthma and mild feverish illnesses. more

Parsley, Dk Green Italian Petroselinum neapolitanum
Does best with good sun or can become spindly so south facing window is best. Use good potting soil with lots of organic matter, water regularly but allow to dry out a little between waterings. Does not like continuous wet soils but does not like to dry out completely. With these conditions will produce lush dark green leaves continuously. Can cut the leaves down to the ground but always leave a few to allow the plant to regenerate. Feed regularly if cutting often. Easy to grow from seed. Considered the best plant for use as natural vitamin supplement due to high levels of Vitamin C and K with a whole range of other vitamins and possibly minerals in lesser amounts. Parsley is an excellent detoxifier helping the body excrete toxins via the urine more

Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis
One of the most aromatic house plants you can grow. Brush against a rosemary stem and the aroma can flood a whole house. Even though its actually a shrub rosemary lends itself very well to life as a pot plant and can be kept small easily by pruning. Rosemary is a fairly slow growing plant, certainly a slow starter but its worth it just for the aroma. Growing your own rosemary bush is very rewarding. It does need full sun and a fairly warm location so a south facing window is essential however once its established it does not need that much water and can tolerate begin neglected occasionally. A strong culinary herb rosemary has many uses in the kitchen but its main use is medicinal. Rosemary is a nervine herb meaning it helps the nervous system and much research has shown that it can help depressed people and can help to stimulate the brain. so having this in your house can raise your spirits. more

Thyme Thymus vulgaris
No home should be without this little herb. It takes well to life in a pot provided it has a bright sunny window and well drained soil. It will grow short branches and bloom profusely. Easy to grow from seed it will increase rapidly so its ideal for chopping off the short stalks just when you need them. Keeping it pruned keeps the flowers and light stalks growing and stops the plant from getting woody. Thyme contains Thymol which is a strong anti bacterial, anti viral compound. So much so that it is used in numerous cleaning products, toothpaste, mouthwash and many other products. Not sure if you have a infection. Chew on some thyme as a good starting measure. Quite often its all you will need more
Item # Nett Weight Size Price Qty
2.20 g 8 Packets $27.20