Catnip Bag organically grown aromatics. Floral Encounters.
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0.30 oz : Catnip Bag $4.40

Our catnip has been grown in a totally organic system where we use absolutely no pesticides at all. (Most organic farms still use pesticides, they just use different pesticides than non organic farms.)

Our catnip is sold in the whole leaf state not ground up. This is done to ensure that more of the essential oils of the catnip are retained within the leaves until your cat crushes them. Grinding leaves releases the oils so by time most catnip arrives beside your cat it has lot most of its potency. With our whole leaves you are assured more oils are retained and only released when the leaves are crushed. Your cat gets the full benefit of the catnip!

Until use your catnip bag should be stored in a cool dry place away from bright light. This will ensure that the contents retain their potency for much longer periods.
Use. You can either give the bag directly to your cat or remove some of the contents for a later date. If you do so place in a dry ziplock bag and store in a cool dry dark place. Keep bags dry at all times to prevent deterioration of the product.

Size: 4" x 5"
Bag Material: Cotton Green Gingham
Weight: 0.3oz (9 grams) Each - bag and contents
Latin Name: Nepeta cataria
Whole leaf catnip.