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We are extremely concerned about the rapid decline in insect populations, especially pollinators, not just honey bees. Our farming practices have increased the insect population on our farm very significantly since we began, but we had decided to devote more land to preserving insect habitat. Ensuring that insects have places to live and overwinter as well as providing large amounts of flowering plants for them to feed upon. Plus plants dedicated to larva (caterpillar) feeding. This will reduce our workAs we all know there is no cure for the Coronavirus we just have to hope that our bodies can deal with it fight it off and return us to health, just like it does with a common cold. However we are not defenseless we can do everything in our power to help our bodies. Giving them the right tools to help fight off the virus and keep us healthy is the best thing we can do.

We have created a list of useful herbs that you can grow to help you fight off the virus and strengthen your immune system to help your body fight it off with hopefully less symptoms. Herbs are listed by how easy they are for you to grow and what they can be used for. Grow your own medicine and stay healthier.


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