Floral Encounters organic farm. Specializing in medicinal herbs, seeds and dried flowers plus herbal foods you wont find anywhere else.
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Floral Encounters is now a dedicated
Insect Sanctuary!

We are extremely concerned about the rapid decline in insect populations, especially pollinators, not just honey bees. Our farming practices have increased the insect population on our farm very significantly since we began, but we had decided to devote more land to preserving insect habitat. Ensuring that insects have places to live and overwinter as well as providing large amounts of flowering plants for them to feed upon. Plus plants dedicated to larva (caterpillar) feeding. This will reduce our workable farmland but we think it is essential that insects have somewhere they can survive and flourish until such time as farming practices change and they can expand their range once again. You can also help to save the insects in your own yard. It's easy. We have created a series of articles to help you make a few small changes to your own yard which can help save the bees and other insects and in some small part reduce global warming by sequestering carbon. Come join us in helping to save the planet!

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