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Grow your own medicine! We have chosen plants that are easy to grow, produce quickly and are easy to use without any extra preparation. The selection covers a broad spectrum so the gardener has a range of herbs for most common ailments and problems that arise in the house. These herbs can all be used in leaf form and will grow quickly into beautiful mostly aromatic plants that can be snipped and used all season long, many are perennials so they will come back year after year providing constant medicine to the grower. We have excluded herbs that need more preparation before they are consumed (like Echinacea), need to wait for fall to dig up the roots (such as elecampane) or made into tinctures first.
Choose from or standard six pack or the bumper ten pack. Seed packets are packaged in a festive holiday bag and make the perfect gift.


Amazing herb that everyone should grow. It's an adaptogen that helps bring the body back into healthy balance and restore health. Makes a great tea or can be eaten or cooked in foods. Many Naturopathic doctors recommend consuming some Holy Basil every day to ensure good health.
Specific uses include: reducing inflammation, lowering fevers, relaxing spasms, easing pain, lower blood sugar levels and helps to strengthen the immune and nervous systems. It can also help with feverish illnesses, colds, influenza, headaches, digestive disorders, low libido as well as easing arthritis. Its a general all around herb that no household should be without.

Yarrow has been used for centuries to help stop blood flow. Get a cut while outside. Grab some yarrow, apply to wound to help it stop bleeding. Its other major uses are for treating colds, fevers, and pain reduction, especially good for menstrual pain.

Lemon Balm. -Melissa officinalis
Wonderful calmative. Helps with stress, tension and everyday life, helps to increase positive mood and wellbeing. is a mild sedative, not enough to cause sleep but enough to calm and relax. Delightful strong lemon aroma makes a wonderful refreshing tea that is also used to treat colds, fevers indigestion and nervous tension.

very aromatic herb most famously known for treating malaria but is also of great use in lowering fevers, colds and diarrhea. More recently its been used in may herbal compounds due to its antibacterial effects. Works well as aroma herb waving branches of the plant inside a house can help to reduce the bacterial load as well as producing a delightful scent. More recently its being studied for fighting cancer.

Very aromatic anise scented herb that is high anti-bacteria and anti inflammatory making it very useful in treating colds, coughs, fevers and congestion, such as bronchitis and respiratory tract infections. Its also useful to treat painful chest muscles from too much coughing. It has a mild sedative effect combined with anti inflammatory effect helps to reduce muscle spasm helping to promote healing. The strong anise flavour is also a warming digestive aid easing flatulence and calming diarrhea. Drunk while working or playing outside or before you venture out helps to prevent or treat heat stroke and summer colds. Leaves added to bath water can help produce more calming sedative effect.

Catnip. Nepeta cataria
Long before it became the realm of cats Catmint was used to treat digestive system disorders, help reduce fevers, as well as colds, flu and fevers. Its also a powerful nervine a used to treat restlessness and nervousness even in children. Is a diuretic so may increase and frequency of urination.

All of the above seeds plus.

calming and sedative properties plus mild painkiller. It is most commonly used as a tranquillizer and nervine, particularly for those people suffering from nervous overstrain and restlessness. Has been shown to encourage sleep as well as improve its quality as well as reduce blood pressure. Other important uses are as a mild pain killer especially for painful menstruation, cramps, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome. While the roots are the most commonly used the leaves and flowers also have similar properties although much milder. Can be used with children and in pets. Is recommended as a pain killer and calmative for cats and dogs. Leaves and flowers can be used in salads, cooked dishes and made into teas. Roots can be dug in fall for later use. Flowers are very aromatic.

one of the most popular herbs used in so many medicines mostly for its effects on the respiratory system. Helps with breathing and extremely good for coughs and wheezing. Helps to calm the chest muscles and loosen phlegm is strong expectorant but mild enough to be used in children. Most commonly combined with something sweet such as sugar or honey as it has a bitter flavour. Its one of the main ingredients in Ricola cough drops and is used in many other products associated with lungs and coughing. Horehound is also good for the heart helping to normalize heart rhythm as well as stomach conditions where it helps to calm irritable stomach and indigestion.

Valuable in treatment of many female disorders especially menstruation, childbirth and menopause. Sadly many herbalists stop there, but Motherwort has long been used for treatment of heart issues. It is especially good for palpitations and helping to strengthen weak hearts. It is also a calmative and helps to promote a relaxed state without causing drowsiness and is excellent for treating nervous irritability. It is also used to treat over active thyroid but needs to be taken for several months for the effects to be noticed

Very common herb for treatment of digestive complaints. One of the best in treating indigestion, abdominal distension and stomach pains. It is also used to help treatment of kidney stones and is a fairly effective treatment for cystitis. In larger quantities can act as a purgative, or in small doses given to babies to help relieve wind. Should not be used in pregnant women. While the seeds are the most concentrated the leaves can also be used and are milder. These can be added to foods for flavoring or added to salads.

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