Organic Seeds from Floral Encounters
Festive Holiday Seed Packs. The perfect gift.

Seeds are a perfect gift for anyone who has a patch of soil -dirt, ground, wasteland, backyard, whatever you want to call it, even a pot that soil can be placed in. Seeds are for everyone. This year give the gift that does keep on giving. It grows before your eyes from a tiny seedling into a large and beautiful plant. Yes it takes a little work but not much. Seeds need to be planted and watered but in most cases once they are growing they don't need much attention except a little water and definitely water if there is a drought. For most of our holiday packs we have selected seeds that don't need much attention making it super easy to be grown and enjoyed. The best part is that this gift keep on giving. It provides beauty in the form of flowers, and aroma. Then depending on which pack you choose either herbal health in the from of fresh herbs for direct use or in teas. Attraction of butterflies, bees and humming birds in our pollinator collection. For those who want some color in their garden with little fuss we have the mow it down garden collection, and for those with no garden we have the pot plant collection where they can grow pretty aromatic and edible plants in pots or a window box.

Herbal Health Pack

Only have a small garden but want to grow some herbs to help your health and that of your family. Which ones should you grow. This selection provides those that we think are most essential for a good herbal health garden. Not a cooking, salad or food garden but those plants you want to run to for minor emergencies (cuts, bruises, indigestion etc) but are also easy to grow. These plants are fairly tough, don't need that much attention once they are established and for the most part come back year after year. Basically a collection of the most essential medicinal herbs for any garden. To help you cope with the most common issues that happen in any family. Easy to grow and to use, and most are pretty and aromatic too! More Information
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Pollinators Pack

For those who want to help protect the pollinators. The plants in this selection have been specifically selected for their high nectar and pollen production. These plants once mature can feed a large number of insects, especially butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. This gives them the energy to increase their numbers while offering the grower the enjoyment of watching the butterflies and appreciating the flowers. Plants have been selected that flower at different times of the year so that nectar and pollen is available for the maximum amount of time. If planted in one section of a garden they can be enjoyed all year around then, cleared up by mowing the stalks down either at the end of the year or more helpfully in spring before the new shoots arise as this allows the insects to overwinter and increase their numbers. Little other work is needed unless you want to. This gives the garden owner more time as less mowing in needed and less emissions from the lawn mower are required. More Information
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'Mow it down Gardens' Pack

Just have a boring yard full of weeds, dusty ground or patchy grass. Want something better? Then try a mow it down garden. A little work will be needed to rake over the ground to begin with and scatter the seeds. A little water if there is not enough rain, but after the seeds sprout and begin to grow then its sit back and enjoy the flowers. Plants in this pack are tough and for the most part drought tolerant. They produce nice flowers that can attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. They are herbal so can be used in cooking or make teas. Most are also very aromatic. At the end of the year, or in early spring, you just mow it down, collect up the cuttings like leaves and wait for the plants to sprout again next year. Simple easy garden. Help save the pollinators and reduce the amount of work you need to do cutting the patch lawn during the year.
Allocate a portion of your yard to this method of gardening and enjoy the flowers and aroma the plants provide. Detailed instructions with every pack. More Information
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Pot Plants Pack

You don't need a garden to grow plants. Many useful herbs can be grown in pots either outside in window boxes, on patios or as houseplants. This collection has been chosen especially for the apartment owner with little or no experience of growing plants from seeds. They are tough and easy to grow. The pack comes with detailed instructions and includes mostly herbal plants that smell great and can be used in cooking or teas. House plants also increase the amount of oxygen in the air and help to keep air fresher when its not possible to open the windows. All these plants are also useful as medicinal herbs and many also as flavoring in food. Fresh herbs are always the best and these are easy to grow. More Information
8 Packets